Why You Need Motorboat Insurance

Insuring your motorboat really is important. Although many of us are looking for ways to cut back on spending during this recession, do not stop paying for your insurance! During the past few years more and more people had the money to buy motorboats. So there are a lot of novice boaters handling powerful fast boats. Some of these boaters have taken to the water without any tuition or instruction on handling boats. As you notice when watching some of them moor up! It is funny from a by-standers view point to witness some of the collisions and scrapes these novice boaters get themselves into. However, for the victims of these mishaps it can prove not only expensive but inconvenient at the same time.

So it is important to insure your motorboat against damage. Damage you may cause and damage to your motorboat from other boaters. Third Party Liability Insurance is not only sensible to have but on some inland waterways it is necessary as a by-law before you can use your motorboat. If you get a quote for Third Party Liability Insurance of say £2,000,000 you will be surprised how cheap such cover can be!

While mooring your motorboat you also want to insure against theft. Thieves are active throughout the year and during the summer months, many take to the water to break-in. Remember although when ashore during the winter you remove all the expensive equipment: during the summer your motorboat is fully loaded! Full of gear that is easily carried away and sold. Sold probably before you even have time to report it missing. So get it insured!

Motorboats even those fitted with twin engines and bow thrusters can prove difficult to handle in a strong wind. Therefore when accidents do happen such as going aground and damaging the propellors, it is a comfort to know that your insurance company will pay for the repairs. Many motorboats have high freeboard and little draft, so the wind can blow them about at slow speed when manoeuvring, so bear this in mind.

If you use your motorboat on inland waterways such as the canal system or lakes, then you will have noticed how busy they can get during the summer. Boats passing each other in close confines of a canal often touch each other and cause scrapes, no matter how careful you try to be. Even slight damage can be expensive to repair. So make sure your policy covers such eventualities.

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